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Most Secret Military Bases

Presenting the five most secret government locations, including a top secret satellite tracking station in Pine Gap Australia, an infamous dead man’s switch buried in Mount Yamantau Russia, the Yulin Naval Base in China and its underground complex hiding the latest nuclear submarines from passing spy satellites, the Porton Down biological and chemical weapons testing facility in the U.K. and the new Area 51 – Dugway Proving Ground.


1. Gora Yamantau, Russia

Reaching 5,381ft (1,640m), Russia’s Mt. Yamantau is the highest mountain in the southern Urals, its name literally meaning Bad Mountain. As recently as the late 1990s, massive excavation projects on the mountain have been observed by U.S. satellites. The Russian government has never given a solid response – it’s a mining site; no, it’s a food storage area; no, a bunker in case of war.

Some simply believe Mount Yamantau to be the site of large stockpiles of nuclear weapons, but other theorists believe it’s far more than that, claiming the mountain contains a giant supercomputer programmed to detonate nukes if a nuclear attack is detected on Russian soil. These nukes are surrounded by cobalt, a poisonous isotope, and any detonation would send a radioactive cloud over the Earth killing all the life on land.