Philippines bishop urges Madonna boycott


A Roman Catholic cleric in the Philippines on Wednesday asked the loyal to avoid American pop artist Madonna’s two-night show in Manila, calling her music “suggestive” and her garments “vulgar”.

Madonna, 57, is on a worlwide visit to advance her 13th studio collection, “Rebel Heart”, which joins her trademark sexually charged execution and verses.

She performs on Wednesday and Thursday in the same lobby where Pope Francis met Filipino families a year back.

“Why is the Catholic Philippines the favorite venue for blasphemy against God and the Holy Mother?” asked Ramon Arguelles, archbishop of Lipa City, south of the capital.

“Pinoys and all God-loving people should avoid sin and occasions of sin,” he said in an announcement on the site of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, alluding to Filipinos.

Roman Catholics make up around 80 percent of the Philippine populace of more than 100 million and the chruch has solid impact, blocking enactment on capital punishment, separation and same-sex marriage.

There was no prompt answer to phone calls from Reuters looking for input from the occasion coordinator or Madonna, who touched base in Manila on Monday and went by Catholic-run halfway houses, including one of the most established, close to the presidential royal residence.

Tickets for the show can cost as much as 57,750 pesos ($1,211.84).

Madonna is celebrated around the world for her hits, “Similar to A Virgin” and “Material Girl”, yet some of her music recordings utilized religious images as a part of ways the Roman Catholic prelates discovered hostile and insolent.

The entertainer’s shows were among “unobtrusive assaults of the shrewd one”, the diocesan included, in an evident reference to Satan. In 2012, Arguelles additionally restricted the Manila show of Lady Gaga as the work of Satan.

In the well off neighboring city condition of Singapore, where Madonna is planned to perform on Sunday, Catholic powers additionally communicated grave concern.

“It is our ethical commitment not to backing the individuals who slander and affront religions, including against Christian and shameless qualities advanced by the common world,” Singapore Archbishop William Goh said on the archdiocese site.