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Priyanka Chopra: Not just one Harvey Weinstein, women are sexually harassed by men everywhere


Actor Priyanka Chopra has said that people like Harvey Weinstein are not an inconsistency to Hollywood, saying women are sexually harassed  on account of capable men all over the place.

The 35-year-old on-screen character said that this conduct was not the consequence of sexual satisfaction needs, but rather about having control over individuals, detailed Marie Claire.

“I don’t think there’s ‘a’ Weinstein. I don’t even think there’s one Weinstein in Hollywood. There are a lot more men, and not just in India,  ..

“It is not about sex, it is about power. About putting a woman in ‘her lane.’ For the longest time women have been told only one of us will survive. Only the best girl will get the job. But that just can’t be tolerated anymore,” Priyanka told Anne Fulewider in a discussion at 2017 Marie Claire Power Trip.

The “Quantico” star compared the film industry to a “big boys’ club”, where women always live with the fear that one wrong move can cost them their career.

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