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Rory Feek on living without wife Joey: ‘I feel her everywhere I go’

Taking after his Grammy win, Rory Feek shared how it feels living without his late spouse Joey Feek.

“She’s so present in my life,” Rory said Tuesday on Today while discussing why he still refers to Joey in the present tense.
“I didn’t know how I would feel (after she died), but I feel her everywhere I go,” he continued. “I feel the choices that she made, I feel the strength that she had and the love that she has for me and our family.”
Rory was additionally anticipated about his marriage to Joey expressing that they swung to their confidence keeping in mind the end goal to work through issues they had toward the start of their relationship.

“In the end, God had a different plan,” the country star said. “Not only did we get to have an amazing marriage, but he turned it into a music career together, and a story that’s been shared with lots of other folks.”
Rory brought home his first Grammy grant he devoted to Joey Sunday for Best Roots Gospel Album for Hymns That Are Important To Us discharged under the couple’s stage name Joey + Rory.

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