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Sarah Jessica Parker denies there was ever a ‘catfight’ with Kim Cattrall


Sarah Jessica Parker has opened up about her asserted fight with her Sex and the City co-star, Kim Cattrall, and denied that there was ever a ‘catfight’ between the match on set, regardless of reports that the two performing artists didn’t get along. Addressing Vulture, Sarah Jessica clarified: “I’d quite recently jump at the chance to remind everyone that there was no catfight. I have never expressed an unkind, unsupportive, antagonistic word, so I would love to reclassify it.” She proceeded: “I’ve generally held Kim’s work in high respect and constantly energetic about her commitments. On the off chance that she picks not to do the third film, there’s not a considerable measure I can do to alter her opinion and we should regard it. That is the main thing I’ve said in regards to it, you know?”


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