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Scientists Set Up A Camera And Caught A Spider Doing This…

Tarantupedia™ is the go-to site for anyone wanting information about the theraphosid family of spiders, and it managed to get a video of a Xenesthis sp “White” tarantula while it was in the middle of molting.

They claim this is the first video showing this type of tarantula molting, and while it’s amazing that it was caught on camera, what makes it even more awesome is how complete it is. They managed to catch him as he was starting to molt and filmed him through the whole process.

There doesn’t appear to be very much known about this spider except that they are from Columbia; so, take this rare opportunity to watch this spider as it goes through an amazing transformation.

While the video is somewhat long, the actual time it took for him to do this was 10 hours.  Skip ahead to three minutes to see things really moving along. Also, the best thing about this spider video is that no spiders will jump out at you. Check it out!

Source: sfglobe