Stop Using My Music Says Adele to Donald Trump.

British singer Adele made clear on Monday that she has not given permission for anyone to use her music for political campaigns. Adele’s spokesman issued a statement after Republican US presidential contender Donald Trump played Adele’s 2011 hit Rolling in the Deep at rallies in Iowa, and Mike Huckabee released a YouTube parody last week […]

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Coldplay’s new album- Incase you havn’t watched it yet!

What’s a guaranteed way to make Coldplay suddenly very, very cool? A music video starring Beyonce is a damn good start. We’ve known for years that Beyoncé and Jay Z were pals with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and his now ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow,with Gwen and Bey doing most of the public friendship stuff, exchanging birthday […]