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So answer me this, in general, if you have to travel to some place how do you plan on reaching there? Railways, road ways or airways right? In fact your journey is more fun when the traveling or reaching the destination more of fun. So on your next travel make sure for a change you take a different route. This different route will be strange and a little difficult but then it is what makes the travel worth it.

Bet after seeing Titanic, you would thought of traveling in it at least for once. Well, you can. A replica of the majestic Titanic is set to sail in 2018. This news came in during a press conference in New York which was held by Australian mining billionaire Clive Palmer and his Blue Star Line Company in 2013. The ship is to make its maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York which was the original Titanic’s path. Also it will be carrying 2600 passengers in 850 cabins. But this time they have made sure that there are sufficient lifeboats.

If you do not like waterways, try the railways. Try the shortest railways, Angles Flight. This railway is located in downtown LA and is just a 30 seconds trip. Also it is believed that this railway has carried more passengers over mile than any other railways around the world. It may be short, but its the most traveled one. And if you are a writer, boy you just got some treat for yourself if you are planning on taking the Amtrak. This is a long distance railways which does not charge writers as the writer can ride in for free while riding. Every suite has a good desk, a bed of course and nice window that will give you the best American view.

You have tried the railways, waterways how about for flying in the Aeroscraft. It was build with the help of government grant and was designed by Worldwide Aeros Crop. The aircraft is set to fly with its passengers in 2015 and you could rent it for a period of a year. Did you know that it could take off and land without the use of formal airstrip. Also it is best suited for war zones and disaster areas.

And lastly do try the hippie bus. This bus is based in San Fransisco which is green in color. It has been riding for over 15000 riders a year to Alaska, Baja, New York, Seattle, New Orleans, Yucatan and that too at a cheap rate. The bus provides you with bunk beds and majority of the traveling is done at night so that you wake up to a destination on the first sunrise.