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Taylor Swift Under Fire For Not Using Her Voice Over The Immigration Ban

Throughout the end of the week, many celebrities strolled the roads in protests, tweeted out their disapproval, and shared their stories about the migration boycott that for the most part targets Muslim individuals. The official request bans individuals from Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen, which are nations comprised of for the most part Muslim nationals, from entering the United States.

While a few stars responded with terrible posts and remarks, Taylor was one of the numerous famous people who remained noiseless on the subject. She made no specify of it on social media however advanced her video for “I Don’t Want To Live Forever,” a collaboration with Zayn Malik, who additionally happens to be a Muslim man.  (Zayn also has not publicly addressed the executive order, although he currently resides in the U.S.)

Fans immediately responded, asking her what she was speculation conveying connections to the video while her “country is a mess” Other fans beseeched her to utilize her stage and stayed cheerful that she would talk regarding the matter and stated, “Sometimes we reach out to our superheroes for backup when we feel our own voices aren’t cutting through the noise. All my ❤️”

Indeed, even celebrities like Perez Hilton called attention to that the pop star could have talked up about the issue, despite the fact that he made it clear that he’s not bashing Taylor for her choice.

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