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The Rock Has Been Linked with a Big WWE Comeback

Prepare to have your mind blown. It is entirely conceivable to see Dwayne Johnson in a major WWE rebound! The Rock has been connected with this rebound and we could see him in a standout amongst the most epic WWEWrestleMania conflicts with Brock Lesnar.

Indeed, the WWE intended to have The Rock at the Men’s Royal Rumble Match. This match will occur on January 27at the Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. Despite the fact that we were all anticipating a fight with Roman Reigns which was to occur at the Universal Championship at WrestleMania on April 7 at the MetLife Stadium in New York, this isn’t occurring. The fundamental reason is that Roman Reigns took an all-encompassing time away as he was analyzed for leukemia and necessities treatment.

Rumble tidbit: Plan at one point was for The Rock to win the Royal Rumble & face Roman Reigns at Mania. That’s obviously not happening. Can Rock still win it & face Lesnar? I guess. Depends what kind of agreement Rock and WWE have. Once plans changed, Rock may have reconsidered.— WrestleVotes (@WrestleVotes) December 8, 2018

In any case, this doesn’t imply that we won’t see Dwayne Johnson at WWE. Rather, all things considered, The People’s Champion will return and fight previous opponent Lesnar for the Universal Championship at Mania. This arrival will rely upon one condition and that is the arrangement The Rock and WWE will make.

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