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They Told Their Bird He Was Going To The Vet, And He Had The Best Reaction Ever.

Most animals hate going to the vet, but the way Max the cockatoo reacts to hearing that he has to go to the vet may prove that he hates having to go visit the hospital more than any other pet out there.

At first I found this cockatoo’s cries alarming, but actually “screaming” is perfectly normal for cockatoos. According to Cockatoo-Info, screaming is a natural part of cockatoo life and it’s how they communicate with each other. But there can be a thing as too much screaming.

If your cockatoo is screaming too much, there are solutions to this problem. Possible options include “getting a larger cage, getting is a suitable companion, providing the bird with more toys, adding more natural branches and wood to chew on,” and even things as simple as spending more time with your bird.

Source: Sfglobe