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This Surreal Photography Will Certainly Haunt Your Dreams!

Christopher Mckenny, is a Pennsylvanian photographer. Unlike any other photographer, his work defines no rainbows, predators or beauty. They are in fact “ghostly”. It has everything you would never have expected! And that is exactly why you should definitely go down further.

Once his photographs start to give you goose bumps, there is so much else to wonder. Imagining the perfect situations, setting up the unique backdrop and emphasizing what needs to be – he has mastered it all. It does make me wonder about ‘after-life’. Also, about the places that are not visible to the naked eye.

All his subjects are epitome of creativity and it just doesn’t get better than this.

C’mon, I invite you to scroll down let the thrill, suspense and horror settle in! I hope for you to get back alive!