Virginia McLaurin danced as she spot US President Barack Obama and First Lady


Virginia McLaurin is seen dancing enthusiastically on the spot as the US President and First Lady go into the room – before bouncing over to them both “I thought I would never live to get in the White House,” she later said – alluding to her visit to observe Black History Month. As Barack Obama goes into the room, Ms McLaurin hollers out “Hi” – opening her arms wide with fervor.


The president is seen with a colossal smile all over as he asks the centenarian how she is and advises her it’s a honor to meet her.
Ms McLaurin then self-assuredly drives Obama towards his wife, inciting the president to tongue in cheek request that her to slow down.
“She’s 106!,” he tells Michelle, to which the First Lady answers: “No, you are not” Oh my goodness…I wanna be similar to you when I grow up.”
“You can be,” Ms McLaurin answers as she snatches the couple’s hands and begins hitting the dance floor with them both.
Video of the meeting has been generally shared on the web, with numerous applauding Ms McLaurin’s pizzazz matured 106.
Michelle Obama even discovered time to compliment her purple nail treatment and ask what the mystery is to have the capacity to move at such an awesome age.