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Watch: Horrifying Moments From Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad

With a can of pop, Kendall Jenner relieves dubious, non-existent tensions at a rally for something or another in a Pepsi commercial that evoked confusion (and some outrage) as it rose over the Internet on Tuesday.

In the more than two moment “short film” (as the pop organization marks it), Jenner is seen doing her displaying thing while a super-friendly rally for “peace” and “join[ing] the conversation” strolls down the TV friendly road adjacent to her. In the end, Jenner rips off her wig, wipes clean her cosmetics and snatches a jar of Pepsi, which she then offers to one of the cops who have been entrusted with holding things down to a little tweet.

As the lawman tastes, Jenner gives free with a clench hand a chance to pump. The cop then grins to a partner, as though to state, “Brah, Kardashian’s half-sister just gave me a soda” — all while “Lions” by Skip “Grandson of Bob” Marley swells out of sight and the flawlessly differing swarm cheers triumphant.

Watch the video below:

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