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Will John Cena Propose to Nikki Bella At WrestleMania?

For as long as six months, Nikki Bella‘s own life has been the subject of her onscreen WWE feuds–first with Natalya and now with The Miz and Maryse. The one sore recognize that keeps coming up again and again is the verifiable truth that her genuine beau, 16 time World Champion, John Cena, still can’t seem to pop the question.

The more this gets raised the more the WWE Universe has begun to think about whether the whole point is paving the way to an enormous WrestleMania minute for the WWE’s energy couple. After the previous evening’s Total Bellas parody by Miz and Maryse that made approximately 65 jokes about the amount Nikki needs Cena to propose, it will nearly feel like a tremendous let down if Cena doesn’t get down on one knee after their match with Miz and Maryse at WrestleMania.

Be that as it may, is that the WWE’s arrangement? The keen cash says it is. U.K. wagering site Paddy Power now has a prop wager on if John Cena will propose to Nikki at Wrestlemania. The chances are unequivocally for the proposition happening amid the occasion at 2/9. This implies a $9 wager would win $2 and in view of these chances has a 82% shot of happening. Chances against the proposition are 11/4, so a $4 would win $11.

Cena as of late revealed to Us Magazine that he has something “to a great degree unique” with Nikki Bella.

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