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WWE Great Balls of Fire results as Brock Lesnar faced Samoa Joe

Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe

Brock Lesnar survived a Samoa Joe attack in an exciting conclusion to an exceptional Great Balls of Fire pay-per-see.

The Universal Champion barely held his title subsequent to being trapped by Joe and chokeslammed through a table before the ringer had even rung.

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A stunned Lesnar said he was alright to proceed however practically tumbled to the dangerous Coquina Clutch accommodation in the principal ever experience between the combine.

The fantasy coordinate satisfied its charging as Brock took Joe to Suplex City, just to again endure on account of an entrepreneurial low blow and uranage pummel.

The champion’s face turned red as Lesnar sunk to his knees, before he just figured out how to control out and hit a frantic F5 for the win.


Brock held his neck in torment as he got away with his belt and the glowering Joe appeared as though despite everything he needed a bit of the champion as the show finished.

It was a close immaculate challenge, which made Joe resemble a genuine destroyer, ensured him even in thrashing and left fans asking for additional in front of a rematch.


The headliner came after a wild rescue vehicle coordinate between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman, which was won by the last mentioned, yet that is just a large portion of the story!


Braun mistreated Roman in the opening stages, until the point that the creative Reigns more than once focused on the creature’s surgically repaired elbow with a steel seat.

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