20 Words to Enhance Your Vocabulary

1)Talisman – lucky charm
2.Nuzzle – cuddle; snuggle
3.Harbingers – indicators; bringers of warnings
4.Bilk – cheat; defraud
5.Blasphemy – speech which offends religious sentiments
6.Tawdry – of little value; gaudy
7.Obfuscate – deliberately make something difficult to understand
8.Haughtiness – arrogance; pride
9.Blighted – damaged; destroyed; ruined
10.Credulous – gullible; ready to believe anything
11.Blithe – free-spirited; carefree
12.Crepuscular – active at dawn and dusk
13.Epicure – someone who appreciates good food and drink
14.Lampoon – ridicule; spoof
15.Bolster – support; prop up
16.Cryptic – puzzling; enigmatic
17.Hasten – hurry; accelerate; rush
18.Blatant – obvious
19.Abhor – hate
20.Bigot – narrow-minded, prejudiced person