20 Words to Enhance Your Vocabulary

1)Talisman – lucky charm 2.Nuzzle – cuddle; snuggle 3.Harbingers – indicators; bringers of warnings 4.Bilk – cheat; defraud 5.Blasphemy – speech which offends religious sentiments 6.Tawdry – of little value; gaudy 7.Obfuscate – deliberately make something difficult to understand 8.Haughtiness – arrogance; pride 9.Blighted – damaged; destroyed; ruined 10.Credulous – gullible; ready to believe anything […]

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20 A-Words to Adorn Your Vocabulary.

1. Abase cause to feel shame She is not abased or dejected, but exalted, rather. — Sinclair, May 2. Aberration a state or condition markedly different from the norm While Tampa Bay has taken a huge nosedive a year after going 10-6, maybe that 2010 success was an aberration. — Seattle Times (Dec 26, 2011) […]

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13 Words to pep up your vocabulary.

  1.Wag-feather An old slang name for a foolish,swaggering, braggish person, which goes well with. 2.Frenemy An enemy who pretends to be your friend. 3. Warzlement   An old dialect word for sycophantic flattery or wheedling,persuading language. 4.Washmouth An old dialect word used both for someone who habitually speaks before thinking, or who frequently uses bad language. 5.Solopreneur A […]