Audi R6 Concept in the Works



Gossipy tidbits about Audi building an all new games roadster which will be opened between their TT and the R8 have been circling for a long while. Like all makers, the way to creating every single new vehicle is more than simply will customers purchase it. It financially needs to bode well to deliver the vehicle in any case so the organization can profit.

This is the place Porsche comes into the picture. The all new Porsche 718 Boxster and Cayman will impart its stage to the R6 which will drastically drop creation cost for both automakers as undercarriage advancement expense will now be shared amongst the mid-engined sports autos. The truth is out, the R6 Concept will have something else regular with its greater sibling the R8. The motor will be sitting mid-ship.

In spite of the fact that these are all equitable bits of gossip, there’s an excessive number of facts that are spilling out to the general population to not think Audi will in the long run put the R6 Concept into production.