HBO unvieled a dozen more posters for GOT but where is the trailer?

At this point when will our watch end? Before long, it appears to be, however not soon enough. HBO is toying with the feelings of Game of Thrones fans and just not uncovering the eagerly awaited trailer for season 6 of the hit dream show. Furthermore, to keep us pretty much satisfied, the system discharged more than twelve new publications on Wednesday.

The greatly adored TV arrangement will return on April 26 on TV screens the world over keeping in mind it is still two months before we get dependent once more, fans have been crying and asking for the trailer. Obviously, HBO is by all accounts receiving a kick in return. Possibly that is the reason they went so far as to discharge a teaser for a teaser for the trailer. Phew!

While the teaser was staggeringly unclear, indicating countenances of the considerable number of characters who have kicked the bucket as such, closure it with the characteristics of everybody alive. So obviously, a great deal of fans were left confounded in the matter of what it implies. What’s more, now, the new blurbs are likewise demonstrating the same. Look at them:



“The long night is coming. And the dead come with it.” Kit Harrington as Jon Snow.