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Justin Bieber to Marry Selena Gomez, Plans to Change his Bad Boy Behavior for Girlfriend, Rumors Claim


Will it be a Jelena Thanksgiving? Selena Gomez, 25, has been trusting that Justin Bieber, 23, will go through the forthcoming occasion with her and her family and even needs to cook some family formulas for him! “Selena wants to cook some of her secret family recipes for Justin on Thanksgiving,”. “Justin and Selena are making plans, figuring out where and how they will spend the holiday but Selena made it clear to him that even if it’s not happening on Thursday, she wants to make some of her favorite traditional dishes for him. Her family has a killer recipe for stuffing, mashed potatoes and Selena also loves how her mom makes a Texas Pecan Pie, so Selena is excited to share her family traditions with Justin.” Aw! It sounds like that could be one loving and delicious feast!

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