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Natalie Portman Speaks Out: ‘I have 100 Stories’ About Sexual Harassment

Discussing  at a panel hosted by Vulture in Los Angeles this week, Natalie Portman said she has “100 stories” about sexual harassment.

In recent weeks, allegations of sexual assault and harassment against prominent actors, comedians, politicians and journalists have been seemingly nonstop. The onslaught of accusations began when several women came forward with stories of assault by now-disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

“When I heard everything coming out, I was like, wow, I’m so lucky that I haven’t had this,” she said. ”And then, on reflection, I was like, okay, definitely never been assaulted, definitely not, but I’ve had discrimination or harassment on almost everything I’ve ever worked on in some way. I went from thinking I don’t have a story to thinking, Oh wait, I have 100 stories.”

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