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Nicola Griffin,56 making Illustrated Sports Swimsuit Issue Debut.




While hefty size model Ashley Graham impacted the world forever for curvy woman all over with her Rookie of the Year nomination , 56-year-old Nicola Griffin will likewise make her debut in the magazine.

By magazine, she’s the most established woman to show up in its pages and features as a component of the #SwimSexy campaign, which advances body certainty among woman of all ages and sizes. She will show up in an ad for Swimsuits for All alongside Graham (who includes somewhere else in the mag) and Philomena Kwao, who rock coordinating gold bikinis for the beach shots.

Griffin released an announcement, saying: “People think you lose your sex appeal as you get older, but that’s a myth. I have two daughters and I’m so proud they get to see me looking sexy and confident in a bathing suit.”




What’s more, the mother-of-two, who started her modelling career at 53, said the campaign was the first run through in her life she’s ever worn a bikini.

“I’ve never actually worn a bikini. This is the first time. It’s amazing. I would never have thought of saying that but…it’s the first time and it felt wonderful.”

She added to the Daily Mail: “My children can’t believe it. They text me and they’re like, ‘Mom, is it true?’ They keep asking me to double check. They both think it’s marvelous though. Their boyfriends are so excited too, which is great. There’s a lot of giggling going on.”


In the interim, Graham, who has been battling for body certainty for over a year with her #IAmSizeSexy mantra, said it was a blessing from heaven to elegance the pages of the prestigious magazine.”It’s official – I’m a @si_swimsuit model!!” she shouted. “This is a dream come true. Thank you to everyone who stood up for curves- our voices were heard and together we can help me win Rookie of the Year (prize for model newcomer).”