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Selena Gomez lookalike amazes social media with uncanny resemblance



Selena Gomez fans have needed to twofold take subsequent to going over a clone of the vocalist on Instagram. Sofia Solares, a Mexican online networking star, has turned into a viral sensation on account of examinations made amongst her and the American singer – and the similarity is uncanny.


Completely gaining her the doppelganger status, Solares, 22, gloats comparative brunette hair with blonde features, full pouty lips, darker eyes and thick eyebrows to Gomez, while the combine likewise share a restless turn on the young lady adjacent dress style and an affection for similar stances on Instagram.

Que linda ropa !!! ♥️ @undizfamily #undizfamily #undizmexico #undizfamilyregram ✨

A post shared by Sofia Solares (@sofisolars) on Aug 7, 2017 at 10:29am PDT

In disbelief at the resemblance, one of Solares’ followers commented beside one picture: “OMG is this Selena Gomez’s unofficial account?”

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