This is the actual price of iPhone 6 Plus, and its really annoying!



Owning an iPhone is a status symbol, because of its eye-watering  price. Such is the furor of the gadgets that individuals take on credits, purchase it on EMIs, and have even attempted to offer their kidneys to purchase the pointlessly over-estimated product. In any case, did you realize that the genuine expense of making the product is not by any means one-third of its offering cost?

Sounds incredible, but unfortunately its true. IHS Technology, global researchers and analysts of technology, did a study on the actual expense of assembling an iPhone 6 Plus. What they found will make you feel duped. May even make you shed a tear.

Apple evidently offers every model of iPhone 6 Plus at an eye-popping 300% benefit!

Which implies, the least expensive model of iPhone 6 Plus that is sold at Rs 51,000 (approx.) really costs just Rs 17,000 to make!

The materials utilized as a part of making a 16 GB iPhone 6 Plus really costs just Rs 15,800. If  you incorporate the assembling costs, it comes to Rs 17,000.

The most costly part of the cellphone happens to be the screen which now accompanies the new 3D-touch innovation. The expense of one screen – Rs 3,580.

Next comes the camera. The cost of manufacturing  both front and the back camera (8 megapixels and 12 megapixels separately) is simply Rs 1,530.

There’s a  reason behind why Apple does not offer expandable memory. Also, this is the place they really benefit as much as possible from their gadget – the expense of including 1 gigabyte of memory their phone is as low as Rs 25!

The cost of 16GB memory in an iPhone 6 Plus is Rs 400 while the expense of 64 gigs of memory is Rs 1600. So ideally, the contrast between a 16 GB iPhone 6 Plus and a 64 GB iPhone 6 Plus isn’t more than Rs 1200 yet clients wind up spending around Rs 7000 more for the 64 GB model.

Yet, while Apple is basically doing business, what’s truly crippling to know is that the specialists who take around 24 hours to make an iPhone make an immaterial measure of Rs 120 every hour for their work.

Regardless of the fact that you include the greater part of Apple’s costs including R&D, work, shipping, permitting, duties, advertising and other domain costs, the edge between the cost and the selling price still stays galactic.

We know, Apple’s brand esteem has its own particular cost however it most likely can’t be 300%!