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Watch George Clooney and Rihanna let slip round of Never Have I Ever on Ellen Show.

Rihanna and George Clooney halted by The Ellen Show and played a delightful and marginally outrageous session of Never Have I Ever. Things didn’t get as succulent as one may trust on the grounds that, all things considered, it is daytime TV and Ellen, however the video is profoundly exciting regardless.

In a smooth bounce that is truly working for me, Rihanna conceded that yes, she’s seen a rapper bare some time recently, (on the grounds that, duh) while George asserted that he’s never sent a naked selfie.


Maybe the most entertaining and most mindful moment came when Ellen inquired as to whether any of them had ever hooked with somebody beyond fifty a was met with a reverberating no from all players, including herself.

George Clooney is as beguiling as ever and Rihanna remains the dazzler that she is with numerous jokes about “spanking the cat” Enjoy.