Zika Virus: Will this Baby be alright !

Zulmarys Molina  arrives at the high risk pregnancy clinic in San Juan, Puerto Rico, not long after sunrise, eager to see her infant.

Inside the inspecting room, she raises her shirt so Dr. Alberto de la Vega can put a ultrasound wand on her tummy.

He sets out straight toward the infant’s  brain.

At the point when Molina was three months pregnant, she got the Zika infection from a mosquito. It wasn’t a major ordeal for her – she just felt wiped out for a couple days.

Be that as it may, it could be crushing for her child. Zika can have a fondness for a baby’s mind tissue, consuming and pulverizing it.

Presently five months pregnant, Molina restlessly watches the ultrasound screen as de la Vega performs his examination on her little girl, whom she’s named Micaela.

Will this baby be OK? check out the video!