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Game of Thrones season six trailers: Is Jon Snow alive?

The season of Games of Thrones might be several weeks away, but the Starks, Lannisters and Targaryens are already at the center of some shock sneaks peeks
Stansa Stark’s intense spouse, Ramsay Bolton, is in the first teaser, stating his possession of Winterfell, despite all proof on the opposite.
The greatest risk to the Lannisters functions in the second teaser as the High Sparrow swirls up his supporters to overthrow the house of the lions.
Unfortunately for the third and last teaser, life does not seem to be going that well for Mother of Dargons Daenerys Targaryen as an unidentified Dothraki commentator says she’s ‘nobody’ and the ‘Queen of Nothing’.

The new teasers come after Bran Stark Marked made his desperately anticipated turn returning to Westeros in another release.
The 41 second video is read by Max Von Sydow’s Three Eyed Raven and recognizes the return again of Bran Stark and a look at a very alive-looking John Snow.
“We watch, we listen and we remember. The past is already written, the ink is dry,” says the Raven as John Snow stands, looking confused.
His stabbing is then proven with fast reduces of paranormal moments from the sequence so far, with dragons, white walker and ice men all creating a look.
But as the display ends to dark, the returning Bran Stark then says: “They have no idea what’s going to happen.”
The character – performed by Kit Harington – was apparently killed by his Nights Watch allies in the ending of season five.
And now after several weeks of fan concepts about how he could have live through, Jon seems to be in the first promotion for season six.
The show’s formal Tweets sent the thrill into overdrive when they shared an image of Jon to enhance the new sequence on Monday
It presented the Lord Commander – a participant of the Stark family members – with blood trickling down his face.The caption did not give away much else, simply reading: “APRIL. #GoTSeason6 #GameOfThrones.”
So far the post has been incredibly well-liked with more than 32,000 users retweeting it and 22,000 individuals ‘liking’ it.
However the reception has been separated as fans of the fantasy sequence debate whether bringing Jon is a sensible shift.Jon-Snow-main


One person wrote: “@GameOfThrones They better not bring him back…”
Earlier this season, many figured Jon Snowfall must be in existence after acting professional Kit Harington was identified shooting in Belfast .
However HBO have kept information his participation near to their chest area, resulting in many to think he may have been shooting a flashback.
Kit’s participation has been further inquired after several cast insisted he would not be returning.
In particular Maisie Williams, who performs Jon’s half-sister Arya Stark, declined that her on-screen sibling would be creating a return .
Speaking on Absolute Radio, she said: “All the time people are asking me if Jon Snow is alive and the answer is no!
“He’s dead! I promise.”