Triple H yet again wins the WWE Heavyweight Title.

Triple H came back to deal with Roman Rules and declare his WWE Globe High quality title after The Game entered up with the Royal Rumble as the last man of a nerve-racking top level.



Roman Reigns should have heard John Mellencamp.When you battle The Power, The Power always victories.

The Authority Stephane and Vince McMahon and Triple H — set the snare for the champ in the Royal Rumble in the Amway Field in Orlando,Fl.

Reigns joined the 30-man competitors first.Triple H, extremely, was the last individual to go into the battle.

And,Triple H was the last part of the band, catching the WWE tournament by successful the Royal Rumble.

And so,the self-describe Master of Leaders is Master of the WWE Ring for the 14th time.

In other fits,Dean Ambrose,who was the next-to-last wrestler to quit the Rumble,felled Kevin Owens in an amazing round.

Kalisto obtained the U.S.headline by upending Alberto Del Rio.