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See Who Will Handle Your Facebook Account After Your Death

Facebook has now become a essential thing in our life. Facebook changed the way of our communication. It showed that you can directly contact a friend or member of your family who is thousand miles away from you. And I think most of you probably know now that Facebook (via now lets Indians access to 30+ websites for free of charge. The developers behind Facebook introduces new features every now and then. Today, they introduced a killing feature. A feature all the Facebook junkies have been waiting for. And the feature is – “Legacy Contact.”

You can add people from your friend list to your “legacy contact list”. They will have the permission to “accept your friend-requests”, “change your profile picture” and “pin announcements on your timeline” but they will not have the permission to “post anything on your timeline” and they will not be able to access your “private messages” also. You can select your “legacy contacts” on the security page either in the web version or inside from the app.


Before today, there was no such option for your any of your friends to access your account at any cost. But starting today if you add someone to your “legacy contact” list, they’ll have the permission and restrictions listed above. So better choose your “legacy contacts” now so that all your friends can know that you are dead after your death(Lol!).

Note : This feature is currently rolling out to some users in US with a global roll-out expected soon.

So what you think about this feature, do you wish to choose your FB account heir or do you wish to operate it from heaven?